Welcome fellow Rock Hounds ! I'm so excited to share this with you as the Holiday Season nears !

I've negotiated the best parcel and package shipping rates with eShipper on our behalf. Whether you are shipping for your business or personally this is for you and anyone you know in the rock hounding community, I'm sure you'll agree after reading on ! Please do share, share, share !  IT ROCKS FOR REAL ! With this promo there are No registration fees, No sign up fees, No membership fees, No monthly fees.

 You can now have access to tap into the buying power of eShippers 17 000 customers doing 1 million shipments a year and start reaping the benefits of shipping over the platform today like I am ! I  already have reputable Rock Shops and Rock Hounds like you and myself that are loving the instant comparison rates from all the couriers and Canada Post and even happier with the time and money we are saving.

 See right now without having to register ! 

 I've created a special demo account for Rock Hounds with rock bottom shipping promo rates in place. Why not compare to what your paying now, you simply LOGIN HERE and put in rockpromo as login and password. (I highly suggest to help you get started view the TUTORIAL VIDEOS )

Once seeing the awesome rates and you are excited about creating an account click on REGISTER.

Magic should already be in the promo code field, if it isn't make sure to put magic in there. Then just fill out the registration form. When you first create the account do not ship anything right away. I will need to apply the negotiated rates and discounts for this promo. (I personally get email notification when you register with promo code magic and I become your account rep.)

 After  registration it usually takes about 10 minutes to apply the negotiated rates to your new account and will match the above demo account for Rock Hounds. I'll send you over an email once you are good to go)

If you have any questions or need more info you can contact me directly.

Season's Greetings, please spread the word, like my facebook page and share with the Rock Hounding community !

Cheers !